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Mainly information about computers, software and games that I (Steve) grew up with, or wished I had growing up. My main focus for hardware is old Macintosh Computers, and the software to use them. For games, Sierra games were my favourite in my teens, with Atari, Commodore and intellivision when I was younger. In the late 90s early 2000s I picked up a lot of the Sierra games and at one point had a substantial collection. I’ve reduced that considerably now over multiple moves, but still have the boxed Copies of the Series that I loved the most, and the “rare” copies, such as the EGA releases during the transition to VGA, and the original PCJr release of Kings Quest 1.

For hardware, to keep my hobby manageable I mainly use emulators for anything non-Macintosh / apple ii :-), which works fairly well, for instance I find the emulated MT-32 works really well.

A lot of the information this site is here to make it easier for me to keep track of tips and tricks I’ve figured out over the years. Work / life have a habit of getting in the way of these hobbies so I often have to park what I’m working on for months at a time (hence the long breaks between posts).

Finding things on my site

Most of what I have on my site is in the form of posts where I describe whatever I’m working on at the time, but I’ve also created some pages for information that I expect will need to be kept up to date, currently:

  • My personal collection of Macintosh / Apple hardware and peripherals
  • Useful links I’ve found on how to update and maintain the systems

At the moment two of the most popular posts on my site are:


  1. Jay Graham Jay Graham

    Hi David or Steve,

    My name is Jay Graham and I will be doing a presentation at KansasFest this year and was wondering if it is okay to cite your Website in my presentation. I will be demonstrating how to create a 32MB ProDOS partition with the Apple IIe Option Board on an LC475. It is a 30 minute presentation, but wanted to ask permission to cite your website. Let me know. Thanks Jay

    • Sure, thanks for contacting me to let me know

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