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Macintosh Upgrades

I wanted to find out more information on the two Novy Quik 30 accelerator cards I found in a couple of Mac Plus computers I picked up in early 2020 (before the lock down), so I took the same approach I did for researching AGI release and started searching through scans on the internet archive to see what I could find, and I luckily found several articles listing and reviewing the various memory addon cards and accelerators that were released for 68k macintosh systems so I decided to aggregate what I found about upgrades that interest me in to a set of tables on what I found in books and magazines in the archive (follows tables). Note, this page is not intended to be an authoritative list, there was way, way to much released for that, this is what I happened to come across that I found interesting.

1. CPU and Memory upgrades

Name (link to photo)SupportsCPUFPUMemoryComments
Apple Classic II UpgradeClassic16 MHz 68030NoNew logic board and case
Apple LC II UpgradeLC16 MHz 68030noNew logic board
Apple IIci UpgradeIIcx25 MHz 68030IncNew logic board
Apple IIfx UpgradeII40 MHz 68030IncNew logic board
Apple Quadra 700IIcx, IIci25 MHz 68040NoNew logic board/ports
Applied Engineering TransWarpSE, Classic16, 40 MHz
OptClip on, Optional Extended Video
Applied Engineering TransWarp CIIIci50 MHz 68030(advertisement)
Applied Engineering TransWarp LCLC, LC II50 MHz 68030OptPDS slot
Applied Engineering TransWarp 030II, IIcx, IIsi, IIci, IIfx33MHz 68040IncNuBus slot
Applied Engineering TransWarp 040II, IIcx, IIsi, IIci, IIfx25, 33 MHz 68040IncNuBus slot (advertisement)
Beck-Tech MacMegabytes512k1MBHyperdrive Compatible, requires modification to case/board (review)
Brainstorm Accelerator PlusPlus16 MHz 68000Motherboard modification
Dayna Communcations MacCharlie(review)
DayStar SE/30 PowerCacheSE/3050 MHz
OptCPU socket
DayStart Universal PowerCacheSE/30, LC, LC II, II, IIcx, IIsi, IIci33, 40, 50 MHz
OptPDS slot
Dove Marathon Racer 030 PlusPlus, SE, Classic16 MHz 68030OptClip on, Optional Extended Video
Dove Marathon 030 Enhancement II32 MHz 68030NoCPU Socket
Dove Marathon Racer 030 IIII32 MHz 68030YesCPU socket
Extreme Systems VandalSE33, 50 MHz
YesClip on, Extended Video
Extreme Systems ImpactLC, LC II33 MHz 68030OptPDS slot
Fusion Data TokaMac SX25 MHz
YesPDS slot
Fusion Data TokaMac LCLC25 MHz 68040YesPDS slot
General Computer Company Hyperdrive 2000 12 MHz 68000Opt1.4MBNo MMU (advertisement, review, review)
General Computer Company HyperCharger 020SE12, 16 MHz 68020Opt4MBNo MMU, Connector for the Big Picture monitor from E-machines (review, review)
Harris Peformer2SE16 MHz
YesPDS slot, Extended Video
Levco MonsterMac512k2MBIncludes Fan, requires modification to case/board(review)
Levco Prodigy 4128k, 512k, 512KE, Plus16 MHz 68020Opt4MBNo MMU, Connector for MegaScreen Plus from Micrographics Images, SCSI port, RAM disk. Includes fan and power supply (review)
Levco Prodigy SESE16 MHz 68020Opt4MB, 32MBOptional MMU, Connector for MegaScreen II from Micrographics Images
According to the review the accelerator may support up to 32MB if the 68851 Paged Memory Management Unit (PMMU) is installed. (review, review)
Logica LogiCache IIsi, IIci50 MHz 68030OptCache-card slot (April 1993)
Mac Advance MacGusto II512KEnoneOpt2.5MBNo MMU, Adds SCSI
MacMemory TheMax128k, 512k1.5MBRequires modification to case/board (review)
MacMemory TheMax2128k, 512k2MB(advertisement)
MacMemory TurboMax512KE, Plus16 MHz 68000Opt4MBNo MMU, Connector for the Big Picture monitor from E-machines, SCSI port, RAM disk. Includes fan and power supply (review)
MacMemory Turbo SESE16 MHz 68000Opt4MBNo MMU, Connector for the Big Picture monitor from E-machines (review)
MacPeak Systems Orion
SE16 MHz 68020Opt8MB, 32MBOptional MMU, Galaxy Adapter option
According to the review the accelerator may support up to 32MB if the 68851 Paged Memory Management Unit (PMMU) is installed. (review)
MacPeak Systems Orion 25SE25 MHz 68020Opt8MBOptional MMU, Galaxy Adapter option
MacPeak Systems Orion SESE(review)
MacProducts RailgunPlus, SE33 MHz 68030OptClip on
MacProducts USA Magic 020Plus12.5 MHz 68020IncnoneNo MMU, Cpu can be upgraded to a 68030
MassTech FastMac512k2MB2MB requires a separate power supply, includes fan (review)
MicroCoversion 1 Meg Upgrade 512k1MBIncludes Fan, requires modification to case/board (advertisement, review)
MicroMac MultiSpeedPlus, SE25 MHz 68030OptClip on, Optional Extended Video
Mobius 030SE, Classic25 MHz 68030OptClip on, Extended Video
Network Specialties Jump 020512KE, Plus12 MHz 68020Opt4MBNo MMU, StretchScreen and StretchProjector, Can also run at 16 and 24 MHz
NewLife Accelerator!SE16, 25 MHz
OptPDS Slot, Optional Extended Video
NewLife Accelerator!SE33 MHz 68030YesPSD Slot
Novy Systems ImageProPlus, SE16, 25, 33 MHz 68030YesClip on, Extended Video
Novy Systems Mac20(review)
Novy Systems Mac20Mx 512KE, Plus, SE12, 16, 20 and 24 MHz 68020Opt4MBNo MMU, Includes fan and power supply, SCSI port is optional (review)
Radius Accelerator512KE, Plus, SE16 MHz 68020Opt32K cacheNo MMU, Full Page Display (SE only) (review, review)
Radius RocketII, IIcx, IIci25, 33 MHz 68040YesNuBus slot
Ryad Mac Engine GT128K, 512K, 512KE, Plus16 MHz 68000No4MBNo MMU, Includes fan and power supply, and SCSI port
Ryad MacEngine Turbo128K, 512K, 512KE, Plus16 MHz 68020Opt4MBNo MMU, Includes fan and power supply, and SCSI port
Spectra Micro Development MacAccelerator512KE, Plus, SE12 MHz 68020IncNoneNo MMU, Connector for the Big Picture monitor from E-machines
SuperMacTechnology Prodigy SESE16 MHz 68020Inc8MBNo MMU, Connector for the Big Picture monitor from E-machines, uses ZIPs for memory
TechWorks LCLC25 MHz 68040IncPDS slot
TechWorks NuBus 040II, IIcx, IIsi, IIci33 MHz 68040YesNuBus slot
Total Systems Enterprise 030LC, LC II32 MHz 68030IncPDS slot
Total Systems Gemini Integra50 MHz
Total Systems Gemini Ultra33, 50 MHz
Total Systems Gemini Ultra ClassicClassic20, 33, 50 MHz 68030OptClip-on, optional extended graphics
Total Systems Integration TSI-020512KE, Plus, SE12 MHz 68020Opt4MBNo MMU, Includes fan and power supply, and SCSI port
Total Systems Integration TSI-020512KE, Plus, SE16 MHz 68020Opt4MBNo MMU, Includes fan and power supply, SCSI port is optional
Total Systems MagellanSE/30, IIsi, IIci25 MHz 68040YesPDS slot
Total Systems Mercury 030SE16 MHz
OptPDS slot, Optional Extended Video
Total Systems VoyagerII50 MHz 68030OptCPU socket
Quesse Maccelerator(review)

2. Pre-SCSI hard drives and removable drives

These drives were release for use with the Macintosh 128k and 512k before Apple standardized on SCSI for it’s 68k Macintosh systems.

DriveRelease (ad)SizeConnection1
Corvus OmniDrive (review), (review)Fall 19855 to 126MBApple Talk Network, MultiUser, Disk Server
Davong MacDisk SystemSpring 19845 to 32MBNetwork, MultiUser, Disk Server
General Computer Company Hyperdrive (review)Fall 198510MBInternal, Single User
General Computer Company Hyperdrive 20Fall 198520MBInternal
Iomega Bernoulli Box (review)January 198510MBSerial Connection, Single User
Micro-Design SQ (review)Summer 19845MBSerial Connection, Single User, removable drive
Micro-Design Pro Series (review)Summer 198410 to 20MBSerial Connection, Single User
Micro-Design The Keeper (review)Fall 198511 to 33MBApple Talk Network, MultiUser, File Server
Paradise Mac10Fall 1985Serial Connection
Personal Computers Peripherals Corporations (PCPC) Mac Bottom (review)Fall 1985Serial Connection, Single User
Sunol System’s Universal Networking Mass Storage Server (SunMac) (review) (review) (ad)October 198510 to 440MBApple Talk Network, MultiUser, Disk Server, random access tape backup
Tecmar MacDrive (review) (Ad)Spring 19845 to 15MBSerial Connection, Single User
Tecmar Massfile (ad)December 198474MBTape drive (for Apple Lisa?)
  1. Disk Server vs. File Server (MacUser definitions). File server is a device which supports multiple computers opening the same file at the same time over the network and supports features such as read-only file locking. Disk servers only allow one user per disk volume at a time.

3. External Monitor / Video upgrades for all in one macs

4. Weird/Fun accessories

The MacColby case

5. References

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