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Month: January 2024

Apple’s Developer CD Series 1989 to 2009

Starting in 1989, following the release of Apple’s first CD-ROM drive in 1988 (the AppleCD SC), Apple began distributing software updates and technical information about it’s products on CD. In addition to downloading these for my own use, I am including links to online sources to make it easier for others to find these CDs and I’ve included links to the relevant Apple Direct/Directions articles that describe the contents of each CD. I have found these CDs incredibly useful for learning about and setting up these old systems.

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Apple’s Developer Newsletters 1985 to 2008

Starting in 1985 Apple began publishing a Newsletter for Apple Certified Developers. The newsletter was initially called Outside Macintosh, then Outside Apple, then Apple Direct, and finally renamed Apple Directions. These newsletters were available to subscribers of Apple’s Developer Services. I’ve found these newsletters, in addition to TibBITs, and other newsletters on the internet archive to be very useful providing descriptions and timelines for Apple’s products and services.

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Apple’s First Website: June 1994

When I was looking through Apple’s reference CDs I read a note in the 1997 Service Source v2.5 CD that stated all future documents would only be on Apple’s website. Reading that note made me wonder when Apple launched it’s first website. I thought that would be an easy fact to find, but I’ve yet to find a specific date. So I decided to do some research using the internet archive and wayback machine to see what I could piece together for a timeline of Apple on the internet.

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