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Category: Sierra (80s and early 90s)

Sierra AGI: 68k Macintosh and Sierra AGI games

I’ve been a fan of Sierra games since 1988 when I bought a Tandy 1000SX as my first high school computer and picked up the Sierra Value Pack with Thexder, Helicopter Simulator, and Space Quest II at the same time. So when I first started playing around with old Macs in the late 90s (when they were dirt cheap and easy to find), I quickly found out that the Sierra AGI games were not well supported in the Macintosh world.


Midi: Roland MT-32 Midi emulation for a 68k Macintosh

I’ve always had a soft spot for the Sierra quest series, LucasArt and similar games of the 80s and early 90s. Recently I dug them out again to play on in DosBOX with MUNT (Roland MT-32 emulator) enabled to hear the amazing (for the time) orchestrated music. As part of setting up MUNT on my PC I discovered that you can also send MIDI music to MUNT via a USB connection, so I thought, why not see if I can use my laptop as an emulated MT-32 for my LC 475 mac. These instructions should also work for a real MT-32 or CM-32L system.

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