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Month: December 2019

Apple IIe Card and SCSI2SD: How I have my SCSI2SD setup for my Apple IIe card in my LC 475

For reference by my future self, and for anyone that might want to duplicate my setup, I’ve documented how I’ve setup the 32GB SD card for my SCSI2SD that I use with my LC 475 with my Apple IIe card. Currently I have my SCSI2SD set up as 3 devices, SCSI 0 to 2, this is for two reasons: so I don’t have to update my SCSI2SD settings when I want to test one of my drive images as device 0, and so I can have 4 ProDOS partitions (limit 2 per drive).


Technical Note QD01 – 32-Bit QuickDraw: Version 1.2 Features

This Technical Note describes the changes and enhancements to 32-Bit QuickDraw from version 1.0 (as shipped on the original Color Disk) to version 1.2, which ships with System Software 6.0.5 and later. This Note assumes familiarity with Inside Macintosh, Volume V, Color QuickDraw, and 32-Bit QuickDraw release notes. [Apr 01 1990]

I’ve included this in my blog as background information for the discovery that it was the move from 24-bit to 32-bit quickdraw that “broke” Sierra’s AGI games on the Macintosh.

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Sierra AGI: 68k Macintosh and Sierra AGI games

I’ve been a fan of Sierra games since 1988 when I bought a Tandy 1000SX as my first high school computer and picked up the Sierra Value Pack with Thexder, Helicopter Simulator, and Space Quest II at the same time. So when I first started playing around with old Macs in the late 90s (when they were dirt cheap and easy to find), I quickly found out that the Sierra AGI games were not well supported in the Macintosh world.


Midi: Roland MT-32 Midi emulation for a 68k Macintosh

I’ve always had a soft spot for the Sierra quest series, LucasArt and similar games of the 80s and early 90s. Recently I dug them out again to play on in DosBOX with MUNT (Roland MT-32 emulator) enabled to hear the amazing (for the time) orchestrated music. As part of setting up MUNT on my PC I discovered that you can also send MIDI music to MUNT via a USB connection, so I thought, why not see if I can use my laptop as an emulated MT-32 for my LC 475 mac. These instructions should also work for a real MT-32 or CM-32L system.

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Apple IIe Card: Using an Apple IIe Emulator Card in your 68k Macintosh

Figure 1: Apple IIe Card

Back in the early 2000s I managed to buy a couple of Apple IIe PDS cards (at a price far less then they go for now).   Over the years I’ve learned several tricks for how to use these cards as a way of bridging the old Apple II systems, through a classic Macintosh to modern systems.   A lot of what I’ve discovered is less useful now with things like ADTPro, and FloppyEMU, but I’ve decided to start documenting what I’ve discovered in case someone else is setting up one of these cards.