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This is a hobby site mainly containing information about computers, software and games we grew up with, or wished we had growing up. Steve started this site to make it easier for him to keep track of tips and tricks he’s figured out over the years. Work / life have a habit of getting in the way of these hobbies so he often has to park what he’s working on for months at a time (hence the long breaks between posts).

At the moment you can mainly find information on how to setup old Macintosh Computers and their peripherals, but we plan to add more about Sierra games of the 80s and early 90s, old console gaming, and anything else that catches our interest.

Current Apple Macintosh Collection

  • Apple IIc
  • Macintosh Plus (three, two have been upgraded with the the Novy Quik30Plus Accelerator)
  • Macintosh IIx
  • Macintosh Color Classic
  • Macintosh LC III
  • Macintosh LC 475 (two, one working, one needing repair)
  • Macintosh SE

Steve is the main user, and he typically uses the an LC 475 that’s been upgraded with a full 33MHz 68040 CPU with System 7.5.5, and either my SE or Macinstsh Plus with 6.0.8 (or lower):

LC 475

SE or Plus

  • SCSI ID 1: Mirror Technologies 20 MB HD (50 Pin Centronix Connector)
  • SCSI ID 2: Apple CD SC (50 Pin Centronix Connector)
  • SCSI ID 3: DynaFile 360k floppy (50 Pin Centronix Connector)
  • SCSI ID 6: my MacSD (25 Pin D Sub Connector)
  • Modem Port:
    • RS-422 mini-din-8 Male (Macintosh Plus or later) to RS-232 DE-9 Female (PC) cable and USB to RS-232 for using Zterm or experimenting with Apple Remote Access
    • MacRecorder by Farallon Computing (typically not connected, since the 475 has a mic port)
  • Printer Port: LocalTalk network connection to my other Macintosh Systems
  • Mac Plus Keyboard (with Number Pad) and mouse
  • SE ADB Keyboard and mouse

Current Sierra Collection

To do.