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Tag: Accelerators

68k Accelerators, FPUs and other CPUs

Over the years I have been lucky enough to pick up some 68k systems that that had accelerators installed: two MacPlus machines with Novy Quik30 Plus accelerators and a SE FDHD with a Mobius 030 SE accelerator. As I dug around the internet looking for information I found a lot of of advertisements, reviews, and some manuals and drivers for various accelerators, I also found some contact names that I used to track down old employees through LinkedIn (with some success), so I decided to create this post to track what companies I’ve found information about. I plan to list all companies that made 68k accelerators and PowerPC accelerators for 68k machines, with the list linking to additional pages that provide details of the company and their products as I have time.


Macintosh Plus Upgrades

I’ve been lucky enough to pick up a few upgrades to my classic Macintosh systems over the years, and in the process of hunting down information on those upgrades I’ve come across ads and reviews of a lot of different options that have been produced over the years for a Macintosh Plus, so I thought I’d create this entry to capture some of what I’ve found, and hopefully people will comment on ones I’ve missed.

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