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IDE: Replacing your old IDE drive with a CF2IDE adapter

As part of setting up my LC 630 DOS system I wanted to replace the IDE drive with something faster and more reliable. After some experimentation with various IDE2SD adapters, which I could not get to work, I decided to use a CF2IDE adapter. My first try was with a standard consumer CF card, that didn’t work. So I decided to purchase an Industrial CF card, and that has been working perfectly.

For my LC 630 DOS system I am using a Transcend Industrial 32GB CF170 card, a StarTech 40/44 Pin IDE to Compact Flash SSD Adapter, and a 5.25 Inch to 3.5 Inch Internal Power cable adapter.

CapacityCylindersHeadsSectorUser LBACapacity (bytes)
Source: Transcend Industrial CF Cards CF170 (4GB +), CF300 (512MB to 2GB)
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