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Apple’s AppleGram bulletins

A bulletin produced by Sales Communications in Apple USA and mailed to registered Professional System Consultants that describe new products, changes to existing products, and articles about the use of Macintosh Computers by various industries.

NOTE: see my Macintosh Reference Documentation post for other information sources.


We are interested in all new and updated products. Please include information on the specific features of your products, especially those that work on our newer CPUs: the Apple Ics, Macintosh SE, Macintosh II, Apple CD SC, or run under HyperCard or A/UX . It would also help if you include information on your target markets. If your product takes advantage of specific features of our new CPUs, we will post the information to the AppleLink information and communications network under new products/new features, where it can be accessed by dealers and other major channels. This information is also sent out quarterly in the AppleGram mailings to Apple’s key sales channels.

Apple Information Exchange Binder: February 1988

In the 1980s and early 1990s Apple produced a set of monthly mailings called AppleGrams, from what I have found on the internet archive read in the Apple’s first Information Exchange Binder (February 1st, 1987) that identifies the various mailings and other information sources available at the time, there were initially two AppleGram mailings:

  • The University AppleGram: a monthly bulletin which was distributed to Apple’s higher education customers and field sales representatives. Although the main focus of this bulletin was Apple hardware products, programs, and promotions, the Apple Sales and Marketing groups were also interested in including third-party product information inserts in the University AppleGram envelope. The information should fit the bulletin’s theme for the month. The themes will be as follows: March – Computer science, April – Networking: Desktop communications, May – Administrative computing, June – Engineering, July – Authoring tools, August – Medical, September – Business. Source: Apple’s first Information Exchange Binder: February 1st, 1987, February 1988, September 1989
  • The VAR AppleGram: a monthly bulletin sent to Apple Value-Added Resellers (VAR) providing information about products that allow VARs to reduce development time, enhance their product offering, or can be incorporated for resale as part of a larger system. A VAR is a nonretail reseller who sells a value-added product that incorporates one or more Apple products, or expands Apple’s distribution to specialized markets such as finance, media, publishing, or health services. Source: Apple’s first Information Exchange Binder (February 1st, 1987), Apples V.A.R. website (1997-07-15)
  • The AppleGram newsletter: mentioned in the January 1991 User Group Connection newsletter. Perhaps by the early 90s there was only one AppleGram newsletter, or there was a 3rd meant for the User groups.


1986-03-01 March: sold on ebay

1986-05-15 May: sold on ebay

1989-04-18 April: in the possession of the Computer History Museum,

1989-10-20 September

Articles announcing: Macintosh Portable, Macintosh IIci, A/UX 1.1.1, Changes to Portrait Display Cable and Video Card, MacIS debut in Chicago.

1991-03 March (Vol. 7:3)

  • Articles announcing: Apple StyleWriter, Apple Personal LaserWriter LS, Apple IIe Card, A/UX 2.0.1., and reduced Prices for the Macintosh IIfx, IIci, IIsi, SE/30.
  • Brief descriptions of: the Macintosh Family of Computers (Classic, SE/30, Portable, LC, IIsi, IIci, IIfx) and the Macintosh Family of Printers (ImageWriter II, StyleWriter, Personal LaserWriter LS, Personal LaserWriter NT, LaserWriter IInt, LaserWriter IIntx.
  • Articles about: how Macintosh Computers Have revolutionized Newspaper Graphics Departments, Developer University Classes, and the Apple Education TV Series.

1991-05 May (ACR7:4): Potentially a VAR AppleGram?

  • Articles announcing: Apple System 7, Customer Support and Training for System 7, increase of standard memory for SE/30 to 2MB, New Configurations for the Macintosh LC, New Products from Farallon, Logic Board Upgrade Price Reductions for the SE/30, IIci, IIfx.
  • Articles about: The Macintosh Is a Winner At the Creative Services Game, Macintosh Makes the NetWare Connection

If you have any additional copies please contact me using the comments section below.

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