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BalenaEtcher: Using balenaEtcher to create and write disk images

You can use balaenaEtcher to raw-write my drive image files to an SD or Compact Flash Card, and some other USB attached storage. When you raw-write a file it doesn’t simply copy the file to the target storage media/device it writes the file bit-by-bit on to the target storage media/device removing all existing formatting.

  1. Download and install balaenaEtcher (Windows/Linux/Mac)
  2. Select one of my drive images from my downloads page
  3. Run balaenaEtcher (Figure 1, Windows)
  4. Select on of my drive images (Figure 2)
  5. Select Change (Figure 3), this is just a warning that Windows doesn’t recognize the HFS format used by early Macintosh systems.
  6. Select Flash (Figure 4)
  7. Wait (Figure 5 and 6)
  8. All done (Figure 7)
  9. Your storage media/device is ready to use
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