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Apple Service Technical Procedures (1982 to 1992)

From 1982 to 1992 Apple published a significant amount of documentation for use by the technicians and hardware developers who repaired Apple hardware and/or designed new hardware components in the Apple Service Technical Procedures Binders. Includes an extensive amount of diagrams and also part numbers for the various components. In 1992 these binders were replaced by the Apple Service Source CDs and later the Apple Service Source Website.

NOTE: see my Macintosh Reference Documentation post for other information sources.


Image from jajan547’s collection posted on the 68kMLA site

The technical documentation provided by Apple starting with the Apple II in 1982 and ending with the Quadra 900 in 1992. These documents were provided by Apple as a set of binders and provide a significant amount of information about how to disassemble, test, troubleshoot and repair these systems and their peripherals. They also include high quality drawing and diagrams of these systems and their components.

I appears Apple updated these binders using two methods:

  • incremental updates that included new pages to be inserted in to the binders and a Document Control Sheet telling the user where to insert the new pages, and which of the old pages (if any) to remove. The first page of the Apple Service Level 1 February 1986 binder in an example of a Document Control Sheet.
  • new releases that include all the changes up until that point, but with the same part number as the previous release. The June 1987 revision of the Apple Service Level 1 binder, now called Apple Service Technical Procedure Volume One is an example of a new release.

Thanks to Jake Janoski (Jajan547) for all his effort to scan these Apple documents and post the scans on the Internet Archive.

Initial Release

The binders were originally released with a new volume being created to cover new products. This let to volumes that combined information on the Apple and Macintosh products.

  • Apple Service Level 1 (1982-09): Apple II and II+
  • Lisa Level I (1985-061986-06, PN:072-0085): Lisa 1, Lisa 2, Macintosh XL
  • Volumes 1 to 7 (PN:072-0062):
    • Volume 1 (1986-021987-06): Apple II, Apple II+Apple III, Apple IIe, Apple IIc, Apple IIGS
    • Volume 2 (1986-011987-06): Silentype, Dot Matric Printer, Daisy Wheel Printer, Scribe, Apple Color Plotter, Graphics Tablet, Numeric Keypad
    • Volume 3 (1987-06): Image Writer I and II
    • Volume 4 (1987-06): Monitor II, ColorMonitor 100, Apple IIc Flat Panel Display, Apple Monitor IIc, Apple Color, Apple ColorMonitor IIe/IIc and Apple Color Composite Monitor IIe/IIc, Apple Color RGB, Apple Monochrome
    • Volume 5 (1986-021987-06): Disk II, Disk III, ProFile, DuoDisk, Disk IIc, UniDisk 3.5, Apple 5.25 Drive / UniDisk
    • Volume 6 (1987-06): Plus, SE, II, External Drives (400K, 800K), Hard Disk 20, Apple High-Res Monochrome Monitor.
    • Volume 7 (1987-06): Modems, Diagnostics, Apple 3.5″ Drive, SCSI Hard Disk Drives 20SC/40SC/80SC, Apple Share, AppleTalk PC Card

Apple Support Training Library Volume 1. (072-0186, 1986)

The Apple Support Training Library is an example of Apple’s commitment to helping you provide better support to users of Apple products. The Library’s modules allow for both quick reference and customized training. The modules contained in this binder are part of three series: Macintosh, Apple II, and Peripherals.

  • Training: Because the library’s modules are self-paced, individuals can learn and practice by themselves. Or the modules can be combined with other modules as a course. If given as a course, the self-paced modules allow students to progress at their own pace, freeing the instructor to answer questions and help students with problems. Each module lists any prerequisites and equipment required.
  • Reference Catalog: To facilitate your search for information on Apple products, we developed the Support Training Reference Catalog, available on AppleLink. The catalog references manuals, publications, courses, and training modules that provide information and instruction on a wide range of computer skills. For each skill listed, the catalog identifies training resources and tells how to sign up for the training, how to acquire the materials, and what the prerequisites are.
  • Update Subscription: This binder contains the modules which have been released to date for this series. Along with this binder you receive a subscription to all additional modules produced for the series this year. (Modules are released quarterly.) At the end of the year, you will receive a renewal letter that you can use to order a subscription for the modules to be released the following see

Organized by Family

In 1990 Apple re-organized the binders based products lines, e.g. Apple II series, Laser Printers, Macintosh series, etc.

  • Archived Products (PN:072-0231):
    • Archived Products Volume 1 (1991-11): Apple II/II Plus, Apple III/III Plus, Disk II, Disk III, ProFile, DuoDisk, Apple IIc Flat Panel Display, Apple ColorMonitor 100, Monitor III, Apple Monitor IIc.
    • Archived Products Volume 2 (1991-05): Silentype, Dot Matrix Printer, Daisy Wheel Printer, Scribe, Apple Color Plotter, Graphics Tablet, Numeric Keypad
  • Apple II Family Volumes 1 and 2 (PN:072-0229):
    • Apple II Family Volume 1 (1992-03): Apple IIe, IIc, IIGS, IIc Plus (announces the release of the Apple Service CDs)
    • Apple II Family Volume 2 (1991-11): Disk IIc , UniDisk 3.5, Apple 5.25 Drive, Monitor II / Monochrome Monitor IIe, Apple ColorMonitor IIe/IIc and Apple Color Composite Monitor IIe/IIc, Apple Color RGB, Apple Monochrome, Apple II Family Cards (SCSI, Video, 3.5 controller)
  • Laser Printers Volumes 1 to 3 (PN:072-0163):
    • Laser Printers Volume 1 (1990-04): LaserWriter
    • Laser Printers Volume 2 (1992-01): LaserWriter II
    • Laser Printers Volume 3 (1992-04): Apple Personal Laser Writer
  • Macintosh Family (PN:072-0228):
    • Macintosh Family Volume 1 (1991-03, 1992-03): Plus, SE, SE/30, Classic; 1992 release added: Classic II
    • Macintosh Family Volume 2 (1991-041992-03): LC, IIsi, II, IIx, IIfx, IIcx, IIci; 1992 release added: Quadra 700, Quadra 900
    • Macintosh Family Volume 3 (1991-04): High-Res Monochrome Monitor, AppleColor High-Res RGB Monitor, Two-Page Monochrome Monitor, Portrait Display, 12-inch Monochrome Display, 12-inch RGB Display
    • Macintosh Family Volume 4 (1991-04): SE-Bus PC Card (for Apple PC 5.25 drive), Macintosh II video cards, Apple IIe Card, ADB input devices, Macintosh External Drives, Hard Disk 20, AppleFax Modem, Apple Scanner, Stylewriter.
    • Macintosh Family Volume 5: (1991-04 PN:072-0228): Macintosh Portable
  • Peripheral Interface Guide (1991-01): Information on built-in ports and ports added using interface cards.
  • Cross Family Peripherals Volumes 1 to 3 (PN:072-0230):
    • Cross Family Peripherals Volume 1 (1991-04): Modems, Disk Drives, Apple 3.5 Drive, SCSI Hard Disk Drives, Apple Tape Backup 40SC, Apple CD SC
    • Cross Family Peripherals Volume 2 (1991-041991-111992-03, PN:072-0230): Image Writer I and II
    • Cross Family Peripherals Volume 3 (unknown: PN:072-0230): ImageWriter LQ
  • Apple Scanner (1991-10)
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