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Apple’s Technical Notes and QA 1985 to present

Apple’s Technical Notes and Technical Q&A Notes provide technical information, sample code, and answers to common question for developers of Macintosh hardware and software with references to other Apple documentation such as inside Macintosh. At this time they are still available from Apple in their documentation archive. I’ve made backups of these articles with the assumption that like the Technical Information Library, Apple may as some point delete these files too.

NOTE: see my Macintosh Reference Documentation post for other information sources.


Apple started publishing these documents in 1985 on Apple’s AppleLink site (dial-up, BBS), as reference books (volume 1 and volume 2, June 1992) then later on CD-ROMs, such as Apple Technical Information Source CDs as MS Word documents (under Info Resources), before being moved to Apple’s website (notes, Q&A).

I’ve noticed that the reference number for the articles in the reference books does not match the reference numbers for the same article online, it appears that articles considered to be obsolete were not posted on Apple’s internet set, and a new number scheme was used for the online versions.

Sample of a Technical Note about AppleTalk Phase 2

Technotes and QAs on Apple’s Website

Links to cached versions of Apple’s QA and Technotes pages on the wayback machine.

  • 1997-06-17: Technotes,
  • 1997-06-17: QAs,
  • 1999-01-16: Technotes,
  • 1999-01-17: QAs,
  • 2004-08-28: Technotes,
  • 2004-08-28: QAs,
  • 2010-01-15: Technotes,
  • 2010-03-06: QAs,
  • Current: notes, Q&A on website.
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