Setting up your vintage (classic) 68k Macintosh – Partitioning your Hard Drive

I recently acquired a SCSI2SD adapter to replace a failing SCSI drive from the 1990s, so thought I’d document how to use the patched version of HD SC Setup 7.3.5 (removes the restriction of only working with Apple Branded Drives) for formatting at new SCSI drive.



  1. HFS has a limit of 65,535 files per logical disk (e.g. partition). A way around this is to use a tool like ShrinkWrap to create mountable disk images.
  2. System 4.1 to 6.08 can only support 2 GB partitions, System 7.5 introduced support for 4 GB partitions, and System 7.5.2 introduced support for 2 TB partitions for some systems (See Apple KBase Article 8647)
  3. You can only have 16 initialized partitions at one time.  Not 16 per drive, 16 total.  I tested this using SCSI2SD with a 32 gig SD card set up as two 16 gig hard drives, with each drive partitioned in to eight 2 gig partitions.  I could only initialize 12 of the 16 partitions.  This may be a limitation of HD SC Setup, will experiment with other 3rd party solutions.

Deciding what types and sizes of partitions you plan to create

If you plan to use the Apple IIe card you will want to create at least one (max two) 32MB (yes MB) partitions that you’ll later initialize as ProDos partitions to use with your Apple IIe card.

Otherwise, taking in to account the limitations above, and the “wasted space” if you have really large partitions filled with small files, it’s really up to you.


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